The Centre for Labour Law and Equal Rights was founded at Bifröst University (then Bifröst School of Business) in May 2005.


Head of the Institute is Elin Blöndal, professor at the Faculty of law.


Objectives of the Institute:

According to the agreement establishing the Institute, its role is to include:


  • promoting and strengthening research on Labour law and Equality rights
  • encouraging co-operation between domestic and foreign researchers in the field of Labor law and Equality rights
  • providing impartial services in the field
  • integrating research and teaching in the field 
  • providing students with facilities for research 
  • publishing and presenting research on Labour law and Equality rights, as well as other educational material
  • organizing conferences on Labour Law and Equality rights



The Centre has participated in and conducted several projects and research in the field of labour law, both on national and European level. The labour law day - where research in the field is introduced - is held annually by the Centre.


About Bifröst University:

Bifröst University is a private, non-profit university, set on a rural campus outside Iceland's capital city of Reykjavík. Founded in 1918, Bifröst is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Iceland.  Historically the only specialized business school in Iceland, Bifröst now offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in three academic departments: Business, Law, and Social Sciences. Bifröst has always devoted itself to the education of future leaders.


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